8 Amazing Wedding Traditions From Around The World


by Fennes

Let’s admit it, we all love tradition, especially when it comes to our special day. There’s nothing better than a beautiful white dress, a four-tiered wedding cake and a horse & carriage to give us the grand entry we deserve. However, some would argue that these conventions are a bit mundane. Here are eight wedding traditions from around the globe which take things to the next level and are sure to spice everything up.


Germany – Log Cutting

This tradition is a test of strength and compatibility between the bride and groom. After the vows are said, both have to work together by sawing a thick log in half whilst being watched by all of their guests. We can all agree this is one of the best ways to test the patience and efforts of the newlyweds!


India – Shoe Fight

 For a traditional Indian wedding, it is custom that the groom removes his shoes before entering the place of celebration. Then, the families of the newlyweds challenge together and fight over the possession of the shoes. If the bride’s family steals them, it’s up to the husband’s side to pay the ransom to get them back safely. A strange tradition to say the least.


Greece – Royal Wedding

A Greek wedding typically involves the bride and groom being treated as royalty for the day. Just as it sounds, they are received as queen and king, wearing regal gear and crowns during the ceremony. After the pair have married, they walk around the altar three times to symbolise their first walk as a wedded couple.


Australia – Bowl of Union

Occasionally, a unity bowl is present at an Australian marriage ceremony. Wedding guests are given stones to hold during the entirety of the ceremony, then asked to place these tokens into a decorative bowl at the end. The newlyweds then keep and display this in their home as a simple reminder of the support from their family and friends.


Italy – Confetti Galore

Instead of basking the newlyweds in the traditional paper confetti, an Italian styled wedding uses sugary treats such as almonds to sprinkle over the couple during the reception. This is done as a sign of approval and an act of kindness.


Kenya – Spitting on the Bride

This tradition comes from Kenya and seems quite odd at first. As a blessing of good fortune on the newlyweds, the father of the bride spits on her chest and head during the ceremony. It is believed that by doing this, any good luck is not jinxed.


Peru – Cake Charms 

In Peruvian weddings, this traditions requires the involvement of the single female guests. Tucked tightly between the layers of cake, are charms attached to ribbons. Each woman grabs a ribbon at random and pulls it from the uncut cake. They’re all hoping for the one ribbon with the fake wedding ring attached to the end. It is said that whoever pulls out this ribbon, is next to tie the knot. Similar to the bouquet toss, but jazzed up a bit more.


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