Want the perfect wedding?


by Fennes

Check out what brides’ biggest regrets are to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes as them…

We all want our wedding day to be perfect. We take a look at what some brides’ biggest regrets are about their wedding days so you can learn from their mistakes and make your day as perfect as it can be.


I invited people I didn’t want to…

 When it comes to who is going to come to your wedding, there will always be a few people that you would probably rather not invite but you feel that you have to due to family or work ties and obligations. However, whilst recognising that this will always be the case for most people, some brides have felt this pressure more than others, and have been pushed into inviting a large number of people who they don’t actually know. If you’re feeling pressurised to invite lots of people you don’t actually want at your wedding, speak up! It’s YOUR big day.


I wish I’d worn shoes that were more comfy…

 All brides want to wear a pair of shoes that looks amazing on their wedding day. But one regret that many brides have is that they wish they’d have factored in comfort too. When it comes to your wedding shoes, you need to remember that you will be on your feet for hours during your wedding day. If you are accustomed to wearing flat shoes and attempt to wear a brand new pair of high heels, you could be in for a very painful day. If you really can’t do without that amazing looking but uncomfortable pair of shoes, why not think about having a different pair for the reception that are more comfy?


I wish we’d researched our photographer more…

 Wedding photographers are not all the same! Like any creative, a photographer will have their own style and if you don’t do your research, you could end up with a wedding photographer whose style you don’t like. When you’re paying out a significant amount of money for a photographer, it really is worth having a look at their previous work to see if it matches what you want for your wedding photographs.



I wish I had my makeup professionally done…

 Makeup is sometimes an area where some brides try to save money on their wedding day. However, whilst many do it successfully, many wish that they’d have gone and got a professional to do it. Why? Because a professional makeup artist will not just make you look good, but they will give you a good look that will last. Remember, your wedding day is a long day.


Remember, your wedding day is YOURS and your PARTNERS. Have the day that you want and put plenty of research into everything that you order,buy or use. That way, you can be relaxed about having the perfect day.

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