Ideas Of Wedding Games To Have At Your Reception


by Laura Howes

Once the long-awaited ceremony is over and you are officially newlyweds, you can both let your hair down and enjoy the rest of your day with your nearest and dearest.

No doubt the wine will be flowing, and you’ll offer up some delicious culinary treats for your guests, yet some fun wedding games will really get your party started and make the day one to remember forever!

See below a selection of popular and/or unusual wedding games for guests to get involved in.

Wedding games for tables

Party games played at the table can be great ice-breakers, especially if you have guests sat together who have not met each other before. Here are some great ideas for you to consider!

Mad Libs

Offer your guests a word game card to give them something to talk and laugh about. Not only will it be a great way for them to introduce themselves to one another, you might be surprised by the stories they come up with! Once the day is over, don’t forget to collect the completed cards as a keepsake.

You can make the props yourself by designing Mad Libs cards that say something along the lines of:

“My name is ____ and I met the bride/groom in ____ when we ____.”

“My favourite memory of our friendship is ____.”

“Something that he/she wouldn’t like anyone to know is ____.”

“The best thing about the day so far has been ____.”

“My advice to the happy couple is ____.”

Wedding Speech Sweepstake

If your speakers are up for a giggle (like the best man, perhaps), you could ask guests to place bets on how long a speech will last, whether or not the person will cry during their presentation, and so on… This game isn’t for everyone and, out of respect, probably shouldn’t be played during a sentimental father of the bride’s speech!

Date Night Ideas

This fun pastime will enable people, alone or in pairs, to offer suggestions on what you could get up to on a weekly date night. Leave a jar and some pens and paper on the table so that your guests can come up with some creative ideas on how to keep the fun alive throughout your marriage. Silliness aside, you might find that some are perfect activities for you to try as husband and wife!

Wedding games for outdoors

Not every wedding will allow for outside recreation but if you choose a wedding venue like Fennes then you can benefit from some stunning scenery and amazing outdoor spaces to make use of, particularly during those warmer months.

So, if you’re lucky with the weather, then why not give these lawn games a go?


Croquet is a great lawn game that appeals to men, women and kids alike. Have the equipment set up and ready to go in your designated space and invite your guests to grab a mallet and take part in a friendly match. A word of warning – the more competitive the player the more animated this game could become!

Giant Checkers

If your wedding venue will allow, you could create your own chess or checkers board by getting hold of some black and white tiles, or alternatively you can purchase specially-designed mats. If you can’t find any oversized checker pieces, then use your ingenuity or state in the rules that guests must each represent a colour or team. That’s one way to get more people involved!

Alternative wedding entertainment

Close up magician

If, as a couple, you’re a fan of the quirky and unusual, then why not consider hiring a magician who can walk amongst the tables at your wedding breakfast and then continue to amuse guests as the celebrations move outside? The team at Fennes is proud to recommend Nick Brown, who works his magic at events across Essex. You can visit his website and make your enquiry at www.essex-magician.com.


Images courtesy of: www.notonthehighstreet.com, www.etsy.com, www.inkedweddings.com

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