The ‘Must Have’ Wedding Photos for your Album


by Fennes

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable events in your life, yet your wedding photos will last a lifetime and beyond.

Thanks to the quality of professional photographs nowadays, you can be confident that the snaps taken on your special day will be passed down through the generations, remembering your vows for decades to come.

But, how do you ensure that the pictures are a true representation of you as a couple? Keep reading to find out which are the ‘must have’ wedding photos for any twenty-first century twosome.

Planning your wedding photos

The photo planning phase should begin the moment you meet your photographer.

Upon that first consultation, ask if you may see examples of their work and get a sense for how they work around you and your guests on the day. You should ideally be able to explain the style and feel of photography you like, who you would like to be in the pictures and when you would prefer the photography sessions to take place.

There is nothing worse than a photographer taking the bride and groom away from the crowd at just the wrong moment. Or worse, interrupting a good party!

An important question to ask your photographer is how long he or she intends to stay at the venue for. Many will only be present for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, leaving you to dance the night away in peace and privacy.

Some people, however, are keen to capture the events that follow the formalities (no matter how messy they may be!) so that they can remember the joy they felt as their wedding night was unfolding. Photographers often require a meal during the day, so perhaps you can request their company into the early hours by offering them copious amounts of food and refreshments!

Ideas of wedding photos

Traditionally, wedding photos have always consisted of the bride and groom, the bridal party and their extended family. However, just like wedding dress fashions, times move on. It is not uncommon now for couples to want to produce some truly unique images to remember their day by, including themed shoots.

Another thing to factor in is that your wedding day will come and go in a flash. As such, you will want to capture every single detail of the day you have spent so long planning.

See below a list of the wedding photos that you should consider for your nuptials.

  • Invitations
  • Rings
  • Wedding shoes and accessories
  • The bouquet
  • Applying make up
  • The dress
  • Bride and bridesmaids
  • Transport
  • Walking down the aisle
  • First look
  • Secluded moments
  • Ceremony decor
  • Exchanging vows
  • The kiss
  • Favours
  • Seating plan
  • Centrepieces
  • First dances
  • The cake
  • The food

Are your ‘must haves’ featured on our list?

Even if you already have a vision in your head of how you want your memories to appear, we hope that this list has given you some fresh ideas to discuss. It’s easy to get lost in planning photos of your guests, but don’t forget the finer details that add to making your day as magical as it almost certainly will be.

It would be a disaster if your majestic cake wasn’t captured in all its glory before it was cut!

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