Wedding Details Your Guests Will Never Forget


by Laura Howes

There is a reason why a small intimate wedding can be as unforgettable as a huge event catering for more than a hundred people – and it all comes down to detail.

Attention to detail can take your wedding to the next level, yet it’s important to know which details to place emphasis on. There are some things that you might do to please your guests but, in actual fact, they aren’t as bothered about them as you think. Remember that your guests are just grateful to have the opportunity to watch you exchange vows and would much rather see huge smiles on your faces than to see you worrying unnecessarily about silly things!

Let us walk you through some of the finer details that you should put your everything into, and some things that you needn’t worry too much about.

Features That Can Help Create The ‘Wow’ Factor


Lighting plays a very important role in creating mood and ambiance at a wedding, and luckily it can be an inexpensive trick to get right. While you do have the option to spend money on state-of-the-art lighting equipment which will help to create dramatic up lighting effects, you also have the purse-friendlier option to create a romantic atmosphere with relatively cheap tealights and candles. Some venues or florists may offer lanterns for hire which you can strategically place down the aisle as well as beautiful tealight holders with candles burning through to the evening.


If what you want is for people to be blown away by your wedding, then one of the things that will make your special day stand out until the end of time is if you transport them to another world – your very own fairy-tale wedding. To do so, think carefully about your space and what you can do to ‘up’ the décor a notch – it may be having delicate petals scattered down the walkway, or it might be getting your florist to make up showstopping floral arrangements that will completely transform the look of your ceremony space.


Photo Booth

As you’ll see below, we’ve advised not to get too caught up in entertaining your guests and to instead focus on the things that will make YOU happy. However, one exception is this. Photographs are such wonderful keepsakes and what better way for people to remember how amazing your wedding was than to be able to take home pictures of themselves enjoying the day?

Finishing Touches That Won’t Go Amiss


Wedding favours will probably be high on your list, and you’ll likely spend a lot of time trying to conjure up ideas that will make your gifts unique. That said, what can you buy for no more than a few pounds that will really impress your guests? Since nobody expects to receive gifts at a wedding, don’t feel bad spending this cash on something you know your guests will certainly appreciate like, for instance, a free drink at the bar to get their night off to a flying start or donating money to charity.

Pricey name cards

Personalised wedding stationery is very cool, indeed, but it can mount up if you have lots of guests attending your reception. Imagine your friends reminiscing over the wedding a few weeks on – will they rave about your exceptionally pretty place cards or will they gush over the fantastic live band you spend that extra budget on and who had everybody dancing all night long?


Of course, everyone is unique and has different priorities when it comes to their wedding day. That is why it’s important to carefully consider every decision you make when planning your day, as a couple, and agree on what is most important to you to make the day every bit as special as you want it to be.

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