Wedding Dress Styles and Trends for 2021


by Fennes

Although the idea of getting dressed, let alone getting glammed up for a wedding, seems a million miles away at the moment, it will happen! But what are brides likely to be wearing in 2021?

Should I Worry About My Wedding Dress Being ‘In Fashion’?

Like all garments, fashions change and evolve therefore wedding dresses are no different. So what can you expect of the typical 2021 wedding dress collections that are soon to be filling all the bridal magazines? 

First of all, we should point out that wedding dresses have a certain set of qualities and characteristics that rarely change which makes them effectively timeless: they are usually white or ivory and are luxurious. 

Your wedding dress should make you feel like a million dollars, so style, feel and pretty much every detail have to be spot on. Yet this does not necessarily mean it must be ‘popular’ to look pretty – you’ll never again wear a dress that is so unique and bespoke to you so all that matters is that you love it and feel confident!

Since wedding dresses largely share these same specifications, it really is hard for one to look ‘outdated’. Besides, vintage hand-me-downs are now regarded as even more special for many and, with many weddings postponed this past year, we’re sure to be seeing a lot of 2020 styles resurfacing over the coming months anyway…

That said, you will see some subtle differences in features when we reveal some of the 2021 wedding dresses and styles that are now becoming available. Take a look below!

2021 Wedding Dress Collections

If you are keen to be on or ahead of the newest trends when it comes to your bridal gown, then check out these upcoming styles.


For a while, white (or ivory) was out and creams/pale pinks were making an appearance across the wedding sector. Breaking news: pastels are back!

And not just blush tones – a variety of palest blues, yellows, pinks, mauves or greens could be about to burst onto the horizon. What’s more, these don’t have to be single toned, many wedding dress designers are anticipating playful ombre shades being a preferred choice. 

This is possibly the most controversial trend but we are loving this quirky take on the bridal gown!


Not just sleeves, but statement sleeves, are set to become a popular choice amongst 2021 brides. The wider the better, and embellished sleeves form part of this trend too. 

While sleeveless dresses or bustier styles once had the envy of all, modern brides are likely to be swayed by detailed sleeves paired with simpler bodices or perhaps even boxy designs. Think bell sleeves, flute sleeves, puff sleeves, embroidered sleeves, embellished sleeves, buttoned sleeves…

Fennes large weddings


Capes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but winter brides might appreciate this rapidly growing trend. However, it’s not only faux-fur capes that are soaring in popularity again, but cover-ups, in general, are also becoming a ‘thing’. 

If you’ve had to move your wedding date then you might be faced with the prospect of getting married in a summer dress when the temperature outside is in single figures. The cape trend could therefore be your saviour and make everything fall back into place for your wedding!


Last, but not least, with the year we’ve had, many brides are choosing to strip back their weddings and shifting the focus from material things. So, if you are a bride who’s been patiently waiting for your day to come then you mean business, right? So what’s stopping you from putting on your suit trousers and marching down the aisle and owning your wedding day once and for all? 

Industry experts are predicting a rise in stripped-back, minimalist wedding outfits including co-ords and tailored dresses or suits. This is particularly the case for those planning a small wedding with visions of a bigger celebration later down the line.

We hope this guide helps you get a better picture of what 2021 wedding dress styles might look like. We can’t wait to see the latest dresses when they come out and check out all your beautiful outfits!

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