Simple Ways to Cut the Cost of Your Wedding


by Fennes

Want the wedding of your dreams but don’t think your finances can stretch to it? Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to save money on your wedding without having to break the bank. Below we take a look at some of them. Take our advice and you could have the wedding of your dreams and still have a few pounds left.

Don’t rush to get married…or do!

If you have your heart set on a lavish wedding, then consider having a longer engagement to give you and your intended time to save up enough money. Or if you book with only three months to go, then you will get much better deals too on a last minute wedding! The Tabor group have 4 stunning venues that offer Last Minute Weddings.


Consider a weekday wedding

The vast majority of people want to get married on a weekend. That means that prices are often higher not just for venues, but for other things such as wedding photographers, flowers, transport and catering. By considering a weekday wedding you can often save a lot of money on all of these things as well as having a much wider choice of venues as they’re more likely to be available in the week.

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Negotiate with your wedding suppliers

There are lots of choices of of wedding suppliers, all offering a range of packages and prices. As well as comparing between suppliers, don’t assume that you have to go with a set package, negotiate to get the best package at the best price. Here at Fennes, we have excellent relationships with the finest local suppliers so talk to us and we can ensure you get the best prices.

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Save costs on your wedding cake

Wedding cakes can be expensive but you can save a good amount of money on these if you add artificial tears to your cake. This way, the outlay on the cake is significantly less but you still get a fantastic looking cake that everyone will love. Consider as well not decorating them with expensive sugar flowers and instead have some delightful local fresh flowers.

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Utilise email

We’re not suggesting that you use email for your invitations, we know that the vast majority of brides love to do things the traditional way with a beautiful post wedding invitation. Getting guest numbers is essential which is why many couples pay for return postage but why not consider setting up a dedicated email address for RSVPs? A free gmail address is not only cheaper, it’s easier for your guests to RSVP to, ensuring you know your wedding numbers.

Have a Prosecco instead of Champagne

When you welcome your guests, don’t automatically assume that you have to do it with Champagne. If you have a big wedding, consider a Prosecco instead. This can bring your cost down leaving you money to spend elsewhere.


Consult your wedding planner

The best advice? If you have a wedding planner, use them! Here at Fennes, we are organising weddings every day. There’s almost nothing that we don’t know about getting married in the Essex area! That means we’ll be able to tell you how to get the very best suppliers at the best prices without compromising on quality. Book at Fennes, and you will get your own dedicated wedding planner free of charge!

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