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We are so pleased that the Government took steps to allow wedding ceremonies to take place from early July, and the recents news that small receptions are expected to resume from mid-August.  Further announcement which affect weddings beyond the initial re-opening period, including further relaxation of restrictions, are expected shortly by the Government.  

Whilst we appreciate a step in the right direction, we understand that many couples want larger weddings than the Government can currently allow. However, we are hopeful that the recent improvements are a big step forward in the easing of restrictions that will allow couples to have the day they want.

We will continue to react to up to date information and keep helping our couples as much as possible. In the meantime, members of our team are continuing to work to assist our couples in the planning and preparation of their special day, and are available by e-mail on, we are pleased to continue to assist with your wedding planning.
In an effort to keep you updated and informed, we have outlined some Frequently Asked Questions below which we hope are helpful:

1) What happens if our wedding is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?

We will contact you directly to discuss your options should your wedding not be able to go ahead as expected due to the pandemic. Please note that as the guidelines given by the Government are temporary and regularly reviewed, the latest guidelines may not apply to your wedding date, and we may need to be patient and wait for more relevant and specific information to best help you.

2) If my wedding is affected and we have to postpone, what available dates do you have for rescheduling our wedding?

We will work with you to discuss various different options to suit you and your wedding plans and package.

Should your wedding need to be postponed, you will need to contact the registrars directly to rearrange your ceremony date. The registrars can be contacted directly on 0345 603 7632. The registrars will also be able to give further information regarding their policies or any changes to ceremonies.

3) How will we accommodate social distancing at our wedding?

Guidelines are changing rapidly, and we understand that sometimes they’re confusing or appear contradictory. This is frustrating for us all, but will continue to work through to understand them, and relay what they mean to you in real terms, and support you wherever we can.

Our lower-than-usual capacity means that social distancing should be easier than initially thought. We ask that you follow guidelines and seat your guests at tables in their ‘households’ or ‘bubbles’. Elsewhere, guests should follow general social distancing advice.

As further guidelines are published, this advice may change – we will continue to keep you up to date, but please be assured that the safety of our staff and guests is paramount to us and we are following the guidelines set by the Government.

4) How many guests can I have, and what is defined as a ‘wedding reception?

For the initial return of wedding receptions from 1st August, a ceremony is currently able to accommodate 30 people in total (this would include 2 registrars and a photographer), and you as a couple. The subsequent reception can accommodate 30 people including the couple. This is likely to change as restrictions are relaxed over the coming weeks and months.

The Government define a wedding reception as a sit down meal, meaning that we will serve food to guests, rather than any buffets. Unfortunately dance floors, bands and DJ are not allowed under current guidelines.

5) When will the guidelines be updated, and when will the number of guests allowed change

Unfortunately we don’t know the definite answer to this. The Government have a legal obligation to review restrictions on a monthly basis, and as such we are always ready to be proactive in our approach to our response. We are hopeful that capacities and restrictions will be reviewed regularly, and as any risk reduces, our ability to hold larger and more extensive weddings.

6) What should I be doing now?

With the recent relaxing of restrictions and anticipation of these changes continuing to accelerate, we would advise you carry on and continue to plan your special day. Shops have opened, and you can start to make progress.

It has been specified that schools are expected to return at full capacity in September, and as such we are working on the understanding that small and medium sized gatherings such as weddings will also be able to take place. We must reasonably assume that the UK will follow a similar pattern to other countries which are allowing larger gatherings indoors after an initial slow relaxation of restrictions.

This is a great opportunity to utilise any time you have spare to get ahead of your planning, and a lot of couples have found this to be a comfort and welcome distraction from current circumstances. We are on hand to offer one to one virtual meetings to discuss your wedding plans in detail. Please contact to arrange this.

7) How are you making decisions for the future?

We are working to Government set guidelines and constantly awaiting more updates.
We are conscious that this is a very difficult time for all couples, no matter when their wedding is due to take place and we are heartbroken and sympathetic to the concerns and uncertainty our couples are experiencing.

8) Should I still be paying for my wedding?

Yes. It is imperative that you continue to meet your payment deadlines to ensure that we can assist you moving forwards.  Payment of deposits form part of the contract we have with you and non-payment is a breach of that contract and could result in cancellation of your wedding date.

We will continue to react to the advice, instructions and orders of Local and National Government, the World Health Organisation and Public Health England, and we are looking forward to re-opening our doors as soon as possible. Please keep checking this page for further updates.

You can find up to date information here: and here:

This is a developing situation, and advice may change. Please keep checking this page, and official Government pages, for more information.

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